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blonde woman wearing glassesFor those not aware, a controller is someone who manages all the accounting responsibilities. Like juggling a bunch of swords, you need to perform your job with calculated precision. For some, managing numbers and money can seem like a complicated task. But, not for Liz McInnes.

Liz has been with ATEL Air for about a year. She took over this position from Pat, our previous controller who has now retired. Big shoes to fill but so far, Liz has done an amazing job. 

It was picture day on Liz’s first day with ATEL Air, which resulted in her meeting the entire ATEL Air family. “It was awesome to meet everyone, they were all very welcoming.” She thought it was a great way to start her first day with ATEL Air.

Our Organization Maestro

With any business or task, possessing the trait of organization is a key to success. This is something our controller, Liz, does very well. 

Liz’s primary job is managing the company’s money. She processes all outgoing invoices and takes payments from customers. She also processes all supplier and vendor payments. “I do payroll, benefits management, government reporting, financial reporting, etc,” she says. 

She also helps customers answer questions they may have about payments or invoices. “I’m more behind the scenes,” Liz explains. Although she’s not installing or repairing HVAC products, she still applies elbow grease in whatever task she’s given.

All-Star Staff

Liz really enjoys her ATEL Air co-workers. She thinks highly of them, noticing their unique personalities and approachability. “My co-workers are one of the reasons I enjoy my job. They make the job fun and they’re always open and easy to talk to.”

A good example of why Liz believes our staff is so amazing is our customer service. She feels that customer service is ATEL Air’s cornerstone, saying that all staff practice it with an honest and personal touch. “The people component is the big draw of who we are at ATEL Air”, she says.

Liz recalls a time where she practiced amazing customer service. “One elderly gentleman informed me he was concerned about when he was receiving his cheque for a rebate promotion.” 

“I took the time to communicate with him directly. I’d track it on our online tracking system, update and ensure him that the cheque was coming in”, she says. Liz’s friendly and caring customer service paid off. “He even called me back to thank me and informed me he received his rebate cheque.”

Outside the Office

Outside of work, Liz loves spending time with her husband and daughter. She also owns a dog and cat, who are both bundles of joy. Liz is also always making improvements and renovations to their century home.



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