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Breathing fresh indoor air

The Most Comfortable Homes Have ATEL Air in Them

Our modern homes are often well insulated, which saves money on heating and cooling costs. But this tight seal often causes a new problem: the accumulation of allergens and pollutants. According to the EPA, indoor air is often much more polluted than outdoor air. This is because once particles get indoors, they often recirculate again and again.

This isn’t good for a culture that spends 90% of its time indoors. For asthma and allergy suffers, it’s much worse.

ATEL Air offers a wide variety of ways to improve your air quality. We also repair and maintain your existing equipment for you.

ATEL Air is also able to offer after-hours service in case of an emergency. Call us toll-free and we’ll get back to you within 1 hour.


Our Air Quality Solutions


Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers

Air cleaners will reduce the presence of pollen, pet dander, mold spores and even organisms as small as bacteria and viruses in some cases.

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Heat recovery ventilators will help you bring fresh air indoors without letting all your warmth escape. They transfer heat from warm but stale air and use it to warm fresh air being brought indoors.

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Lack of humidity can be a problem for a number of reasons. Everyone has experienced dry, irritating air in winter, and some people are concerned about mold issues in their home. We’ll help you reach the ideal humidity level for your home and your health.

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Duct Cleaning

If you’ve recently renovated, have pets or have let a few years go by without having your ducts cleaned, it may be time. We don’t do duct cleaning, but we can refer you to a reputable contractor in your area who does.

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Air Balancing and Air Diagnostics

Are You Getting Full Value from Your System?

If you’re concerned about the level of efficiency or comfort provided by your heating and air conditioning system, you should learn about what air diagnostics and balancing can do for your home. This can be especially helpful when making a new system purchase.

Air diagnostics and balancing is the process of testing and adjusting your system to deliver the right amount of air to each room in your home. The actual air balancing process includes a number of related tests that determine the performance of your air conditioning and heating system.

ATEL Air has been trained by the National Comfort Institute to design, balance and adjust ductwork for maximum performance and comfort levels. You’ll get the best level of energy efficiency your system can deliver for your home – you’ll also help eliminate those unevenly warm and cool spots.

ATEL Air – Over 65 Years of Great Service

ATEL Air has been serving the needs of Eastern Ontario for since 1949. We’ve always treated our customers the way we would want to be treated:

  1. Up front prices: you’ll know the final cost before you approve the work.
  2. Licenced technicians: we only hire expert professionals.
  3. We respect you: we arrive on time, looking presentable and ready to work.
  4. We respect your home: we use tarps when needed and clean up the work area when we’re done.
  5. Friendly and informative: we happily answer any questions you may have.
  6. No high pressure sales tactics: we explain the benefits and costs, and let you decide.
  7. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures you’ll be thrilled with your service.


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