These Customers Converted to Geothermal and Saved


There’s no question: geothermal systems are the future when it comes to more affordable, green energy in Ontario.

Geothermal systems use ground source heat pumps to extract heat from the earth, which stays at a constant temperature even on the coldest winter days. In the summer, this process reverses.

ATEL Air has been installing geothermal systems in Eastern Ontario since 1984, and is a proud member of the Ontario Geothermal Association. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about their geothermal systems.

Geothermal System Plays Big Part in Customer’s Carbon Neutral Home

One of our ATEL Air customers, Jeff Goodman, shares his experience of owning a Geothermal System. Not only is he saving money but he’s still able to consume the same amount of energy he’d be using with oil systems.

Mr. Goodman bought his Geothermal System back in 2005, when they were more expensive and without rebates. Even though it may have been more expensive, he still saved money. “After 7 years, we made the $13,000 back from our Geothermal System”, Goodman says.

Mr. Goodman also shares the different ways he saves money and energy with his Carbon Neutral home.

A Healthier, Happier Home Environment Thanks to Geothermal

Dr. Gerry Rosenquist was the first obstetrician in Morrisburg and the surrounding areas, and he and his family have lived there since 1960.

They had five children, lead active lives in the community, and were always concerned about being kind to their health and the environment.

“We started with electric baseboard heat in our house, but it got so expensive. When we built our 4000 square foot house in Iroquois, I wanted something different,” Gerry explains.

The Rosenquists Save 40% on Heating with Their Geothermal System

“It’s cheaper than gas or oil heat or electric baseboard heaters. Our electricity costs average about $400 a month and about half of that is for cooling and heating,” Gerry explains.

“Oil heat would be 40% more, and conventional air conditioning would double our cooling costs.”

The savings are a nice bonus for Gerry and the rest of his family who use geothermal systems in their own homes.


ATEL Air installed a four-ton heat pump closed loop geothermal system. This means that the pump circulates heat-carrying liquid in pipes buried underground at a depth of approximately 5 feet.

This option best worked for the climate and Gerry’s property, and means that none of the system is exposed to the elements or at risk of freezing. It also requires very little maintenance.

“Geothermal is healthier than oil or gas, and I always thought geothermal provided the best heat and was the most energy efficient. It was also the least expensive,” Gerry says.

Dr. Gerry Rosenquist, Jimmie Thom, and Lois Rosenquist discuss the benefits of geothermal. Photo credit: The Ontario Geothermal Association.

Geothermal is Better for the Wallet and the Environment

Mike Ault is an egg, dairy, and cattle farmer from Hanesville, Ontario, and has spent most of his life there.

He started looking at ways to lower his monthly heating and cooling costs while also being environmentally friendly. “I believe in being environmentally responsible without spending a fortune,” Mike explains.

Mike Sees Significant Savings with His Geothermal System

We were able to help Mike make the switch from an electric furnace and install a geothermal system in his 934 square foot home in 2008.

Now Mike’s cooling costs are down to $90-$100 per month, and his winter heating costs are down to about $250 per month. This is a significant savings versus using oil or baseboard heating, which could generate bills as high as $700 a month.


ATEL Makes Geothermal More Affordable for Homeowners

We offer a financing program that makes geothermal more attainable than ever. Your payments will roughly equal what you’ll save on your utility bills each month, and the system pays for itself after 10 years.

The geothermal bed will last between 25-50 years, and the heat pump will last 20-30 years. This is perfect for Mike, who plans to stay in his home a long time and continue to enjoy the savings.

“I have no regrets. It’s a lot less than the alternatives,” Mike says. “ATEL did a good job, nice and neat.”

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