Air Conditioner Tune Ups

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Stay Fresh and Cool all Summer

Any machine, no matter how well designed, is subject to wear and tear over time. Depending on how it’s used, some parts can be stressed unevenly, and wear out sooner. You could even run into problems like ice build-up. This can cause your air conditioner to perform less efficiently or even break down when you need it most.

Getting a check and a tune up will help you get the most out of your air conditioner:

  1. Efficient performance – saves on your electricity bill.
  2. Long lifespan – keeps working efficiently even after the warranty has expired.
  3. Dependability – stay cool on the hottest days of summer.
  4. Repair savings – prevent breakdowns before they happen.

ATEL Air recommends a yearly check and adjustment of your air conditioner, especially older ones. We will provide you with a report so you can see if there are any parts that may be burdening the system as a whole, and let you know about any other efficiency recommendations we may have.

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Our 16-Point Air Conditioner Tune Up Checklist

Our comprehensive tune up package will help you enjoy reliable cooling no matter how hot and humid it gets:

  1. Check condenser coil
  2. Check evaporator coil
  3. Check for correct condenser voltage
  4. Check all electrical connection disconnects
  5. Check all safety controls
  6. Lubricate all moving parts
  7. Check blower components including belt
  8. Check air filters
  9. Test condensate drain pan and pipe
  10. Check thermostat and backup battery life
  11. Cycle the unit and check the temperature drop
  12. Confirm good suction pressure and discharge pressure
  13. Check for correct airflow (in cubic feet per minute)
  14. Check subcooling
  15. Confirm ambient temperature results are good
  16. We review results with you and provide recommendations

The best time of year to get your tune up is in the spring, before you start using your AC. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the efficiency improvements all summer long.

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