Water Heater Maintenance

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Water Heater Maintenance and Cleaning

If you aren’t mechanically inclined, a water heater may seem like it will work forever – until it doesn’t. But if you check your manual, you’ll see that all manufacturers recommend regular maintenance whether your water heater is a traditional tank or a tankless water heater.

You can read about the many benefits of water heater maintenance below, and find out how it can actually save you money long term.

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How Regular Water Heater Maintenance Pays Off

Like any machine, a furnace needs care. Here are 7 reasons you should invest in yearly furnace maintenance.

1. Maximum Energy Efficiency Means You Save on Energy

Natural minerals in your water (like calcium and magnesium) will build up on your water heater’s heat exchanger and other parts over time. This means your water heater has to work harder to heat your water to your desired temperature. This wastes energy and costs you more.

Tankless water heaters should be flushed yearly. Hot water tanks are prone to sediment build up on the bottom, and should be cleaned out.

2. Longer Lifespan Saves on Replacement Costs

The harder your water heater has to work, the more parts gets stressed. If one part is failing, it can mean others have to work even harder. Your ATEL Air technician can let you know if parts are wearing out and should be replaced to help your water heater last longer.

The longer you can make your water heater last, the less you spend buying new ones over your lifetime.

3. Peace of Mind

ATEL Air’s maintenance checks come with a written report that tell you how your water heater is performing. You’ll get an expert opinion on its overall fitness, so you know if it’s likely to break down or not.

As an appliance that works by burning fuel, your water heater naturally produces exhaust gasses like CO (carbon monoxide). One of the things we check is your venting system, to ensure these dangerous gases are being safely removed from your home.

Our 19-Point Water Heater Tune Up Checklist

We’ve heard one competitor brag that they can do a water heater service check in under 15 minutes. We don’t think that’s very thorough.

An ATEL Air technician will spend an hour or more checking and cleaning key parts and flushing hard scale build up or sediment. Then we review our report with you for about 15 minutes, explaining how your water heater is doing on all of these points. We check:

  1. Ensure there are no gas leaks and piping connections meet code
  2. Ensure there are no water leaks or corrosion that may develop into flooding.
  3. Ensure there are no issues with the venting system, like flue obstructions. We check for proper slope, support and proper termination.
  4. Confirm power venting motor is working properly if there is one.
  5. Ensure all safety controls are working correctly (including temperature and pressure relief valves), and adjust if needed.
  6. Ensure that water pressure is acceptable as per current code.
  7. Drain the unit checking for sediment that is flushing out indicating more cleaning is required, flush out remaining sediment.
  8. Check heat exchanger to ensure it is completely cleared.
  9. Inspect heat exchanger for signs of wear and damage.
  10. Clean burners.
  11. Ensure flame sensor is in working order.
  12. Clean and adjust pilot assembly.
  13. Clean and check spark and ignition control.
  14. Adjust burner and analyze for efficiency including temperature rise.
  15. Check line pressure.
  16. Check manifold pressure.
  17. Lubricate all moving parts..
  18. Ensure drains are working correctly.
  19. Inspect all connections and look for loose wires.

We believe this is the most thorough water heater tune up available on the market today.

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