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Get professional help for your furnace from our friendly, expert technicians. We’ll have you warm and cozy again in hours, not days.

We repair all makes and models of heating systems, including heat pumps and boiler systems. We service most of Eastern Ontario, including Kemptville, Embrun, Greely, Cornwall, Prescott, and Brockville, and almost anywhere in between. View our service area map.

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Why You’ll Love Our Furnace Repair Services

When your heating system stops on the coldest winter day of the year, it’s good to know that a technician you can trust is on their way. We arrive when we say we will, with a fully stocked truck containing parts to handle most of the issues we see. Here are some other reasons you’ll be glad you called ATEL Air.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

ATEL Air is on a mission to make every customer a happy customer. You’ll not only be thrilled with our service, but if the same part fails again within 2 years we’ll fix it for free.

Fast Response Time

We know freezing in the cold can make your family miserable, so we strive to be at your door as fast as possible. We’ll let you know when to expect us, and we won’t make you wait.

Up Front Pricing

There’s no guesswork with our Up Front Pricing – and no surprise fees. You’ll know the total cost of your repairs before the work begins.

Expert Technicians

Your ATEL technician is fully licensed and a proven expert. Every year they receive additional training and upgrading from our best manufactures and suppliers. We care enough to only hire the best, and our positive culture ensures our people stick with us. We’re not just saying it: our longest term employee has been here for 43 years and now his son is working here too.

Our Friendly Approach

You’ll get a clean-cut, friendly technician who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. They’ll explain the issues and options in terms you can understand. Your technician will show up to your door in a company uniform with a smile on their face. We only hire techs that we feel comfortable sending to our own mother’s homes.

No Sales Hassles

We believe in educating you so you can make the right choice for your budget. We explain the options, and then let you decide. Our technicians don’t get a commission so they have no reason to sell you more than you need. You can read more below.

Your Home Stays Clean

We will protect your home’s cleanliness by wearing booties and even using tarps when needed. After the furnace repair work is done, we’ll clean up the work area and even remove the old parts and even recycle them for you where possible. We often joke that customers’ homes are cleaner when we leave than before we arrived!

Fully Accredited

We’re certified by independent third-party organizations like Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada, National Comfort Institute, Technical Standards Safety Authority, Electrical Safety Authority, and more.

67+ Years of Experience

ATEL Air has been helping our customers since 1949. We’re a second-generation family-run business that has built our reputation one customer at a time.

Should I Repair My Furnace or Replace It?

Does it makes more financial sense to buy a new furnace or repair an old one? This is one of the most common questions we get. Here are some factors that can help you decide.

1. How Old is Your Furnace?

Life expectancy for most properly installed and maintained furnaces is ~20 years. Some brands of furnace last just 10 years, but others can last much longer and still work reliably (the installation quality has a lot to do with this, as does yearly maintenance or the lack of it). If your furnace is two-thirds through its expected lifespan, you may want to consider replacing it, especially if some of the other factors we mention below are coming into play. We are also starting to see homeowners replacing equipment once the warranty expires.

2. Are Repair Costs Adding Up?

If you’ve already had to pay for more than two other repairs, it may be time to invest in a furnace you can rely on.

If your repair bill is going to be more than $1,000 that’s another reason to consider a new one. With older furnaces, parts can be surprisingly expensive even if they’re available. Depending on the size and model of the replacement furnace, that money could be an investment instead of thrown away.

3. What are Your Energy Bills Like?

Today’s high energy efficiency furnaces can potentially save you 40% or more on your monthly bills versus a furnace from the 1990’s and earlier. Some furnaces even qualify for rebates.

4. Are There Cold Spots in Your Home?

If you’ve noticed annoying temperature drops or cold spots, sometimes it means you have the wrong sized furnace, a poorly installed one, or issues with your ductwork. These are issues that can be remedied when you choose a new furnace.

We’re Here to Help, No Matter What You Decide

We know sometimes it’s hard to weigh the costs or repairing your furnace against getting a new one. Your ATEL Air technician will give you the facts you need to make an informed decision that’s right for you and your family. You’ll get an honest recommendation, not a lot of pressure to buy more than you need.

No matter which option you choose, we provide easy financing with low monthly payments if you need it.

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