Maintenance Plans


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When You Sign Up for a Maintenance Plan!

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We Should Really Call Them “Savings Plans”

You can get ATEL Air quality care for your furnace, air conditioner, water heater, heat pump, heat recovery ventilator, fireplace, or boiler.  View Plan Details >

There are four ways that you save money with our plans:

1. Energy Efficiency Savings

Reduce your energy bills by up to 10% every month!

Your system could be operating at anywhere from 0% – 100% of its true potential efficiency. Each plan includes a Precision Tune Up that will get your system as close to its potential as possible.

2. Save on Repair Costs

You’ll actually double your savings on repairs. First of all, you’ll avoid most repair costs entirely. Key components of any furnace, air conditioner or water heater can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But most of our maintenance customers don’t actually need extra repairs (unless they really like to keep their systems until they drop). That’s because about 90% of breakdowns are caused by simple neglect.

But if you ever do need repairs, we have a second way to save. Our Silver and Gold plans will save you money on service calls, labour and parts costs. You also get VIP priority in our line up.

3. Help Your System Live Longer

You change the oil in your car regularly to help it last longer. Heating and cooling equipment also benefits from regular care, lubrication and deep cleaning. If your system is kept in top shape, it will last longer. That means you buy fewer systems in your lifetime…and there’s more money in your bank account.

4. Planned Purchase Savings

Did you know that you’ll save money if you plan in advance to replace your system VS waiting until it dies? It’s true.

We can help you save by letting you know about available and upcoming rebates and discounts. You’ll also avoid extra costs that come with midnight emergency calls. Most manufacturers don’t always supply parts for extremely old systems, so that means waiting times and costs can be higher.

Bonus: our plans also give you a discount on new systems.

For about $20 a month or less you can save THOUSANDS of dollars over the lifetime of your system.

Choose Your Ideal Plan


TLC for older equipment to help it through its final years.

  • Comprehensive yearly tune up with inspection, cleaning and lubrication.
  • VIP repair priority – you go to the front of the line.
  • Discount on parts
  • Discount on labour
  • Discount on new systems when it’s time to replace


Exceptional care for less if your system still has parts coverage.

  • Comprehensive yearly tune up with inspection, cleaning and lubrication.
  • VIP repair priority – you go to the front of the line.
  • Discount on parts not covered by warranty
  • FREE labour
  • Discount on new systems when it’s time to replace


Maximum coverage and incredible value for systems past warranty.

  • Comprehensive yearly tune up with inspection, cleaning and lubrication.
  • VIP repair priority – you go to the front of the line.
  • FREE parts
  • FREE labour
  • Discount on new systems when it’s time to replace
  • No service charges – including after hours emergency response

Easy monthly or annual payments are available for all three plans.

For more information please contact us directly at 888-535-2720 or click on the link for benefits and current pricing.

Not All Maintenance Plans Are Created Equal

clogged air conditioner

This AC Was “Serviced” Regularly …But Not By Us

Another contractor was charging for annual maintenance on this air conditioner, but the actual work clearly never happened. You can see years’ worth of debris clinging to the outside of this unit. We regret to say this contractor is still in business.

With ATEL Air Maintenance Plans, we’ll schedule the work when it’s convenient for you. We will fully clean, lubricate, and test your equipment. We’ll walk you through the report once we’re done and let you know how well your unit is performing and if we think anything is about to fail.

Our technicians are held to higher standards. At ATEL Air, it’s not enough to have the college degree and license required by Ontario law. Our team gets extra training from HRAI and our manufacturers. Our technicians know more and do more, so you get better value with our maintenance plans.

ATEL Air ethics: If we can’t provide parts for your system, we will let you know in advance that we can’t provide you with a maintenance plan.

Servicing Kemptville, Manotick, Greely, Embrun and More

If you live in our Eastern Ontario service area, we can help you. Based in Williamsburg, We service from Merrickville to Greely to Embrun in the north to Brockville, Prescott, Morrisburg and Cornwall in the south. View a larger version of our service area map with a complete list of towns >

ATEL Air service area map - small version

Breakdowns Are More Likely When You Need Your Furnace or AC Most

Most older or neglected furnaces and air conditioners will work when temperatures are mild. But when extreme heat or cold sets in, your equipment has to work harder. Unfortunately that’s when they’re most likely to die on you.

Don’t Get Caught Without the Heating or Cooling You Need

If you’ve ever had your furnace break down on a cold January night, you know that your family can be miserable for days until it gets fixed. You also run the risk of having your plumbing freeze and burst, causing expensive damage to your home.

ATEL Air Maintenance Plans include yearly tune ups that ensure your systems get the critical cleaning and attention they need. You’ll get advance warning about any parts that are worn out and should be replaced so your home stays comfortable year round.

Keep Your Family Safe

With furnaces and other gas-powered equipment, a cracked heat exchanger or blocked vent can mean exposure to deadly carbon monoxide (CO) gas. We not only check venting, we inspect all parts of your furnace to identify potential leaks. Don’t wait until your CO alarm sounds – with proper furnace care you’ll avoid emergency home evacuations entirely.

Avoid the misery and aggravation that comes with a frozen home in winter
or oven-like conditions in the summer.


Technical Standards & Safety Authority
Electrical Safety Authority
National Comfort Institute
Ontario Electrical League