Arthur Thom Electric Limited provides expert electrical design, installation, upgrade and repair services for your home or business since 1949. You can read a full list of our services below.

If you’re thinking of doing any kind of installation or home renovation work, ask us for a quote. Our lead electrician, Dave Phifer, will visit your home or business to discuss your needs and advise you on key design aspects you need to know. We will help you get maximum energy efficiency where possible to help you save money on your electricity bill.

If you need emergency electrical repairs, we offer an after-hours service. Give us a call at our toll-free number, and we’ll get back to you within an hour.

Why Trust Arthur Thom Electric Limited?

Only with Arthur Thom Electric Ltd do you get:

  • Licensed, experienced electricians. Jimmie Thom is a second generation licensed Master Electrician. Dave Phifer is also a second generation electrician and has been licensed since 1980. You can learn more about our team here.
  • A clean home when we finish. Your home or business will be cleaner after we leave than before we started the work- all leftover materials and debris will be removed.
  • Registered with the ESA. The Electrical Safety Authority is the electrical inspector for all wiring in the province. Arthur Thom Electric Limited is preapproved for most work. On completion you will receive a certificate of inspection by ESA.
  • Up front pricing in advance – no surprises. Your written price quote will include everything to complete the job so you can decide before you approve the work.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We will do it right the first time.

We can help improve your home.

Peace of Mind

Why spend your weekends trying to decipher an electrical code manual? Why live in fear that your renovation project might someday start a fire? Why live in a home where the power is constantly going off?

No matter what electrical needs you have, we can make it happen. Let our licensed electricians design the right solution and do the work properly. Your insurance company will be a lot happier than if you try to do it yourself!

Our Electrical Services

Here’s a list of our most commonly requested services. If you don’t see what you need, please contact us: we can probably do it.


Electrical Panels and Power Supply

Without the right power supply, your home is just a cave. We will make sure your electrical power system can safely handle all the toasters, kettles, televisions, hair dryers and other appliances you need to use. We do electrical panel work like:

  • Main electrical panel upgrades, including conversions from fuse boxes to modern circuit breakers and adding more circuits to existing panels.
  • Installing additional or secondary electrical panels for increased needs in the home, to accommodate holiday decorations, or to supply an outbuilding like a garage or greenhouse.
  • Converting circuits to safer ground fault interrupt circuits for safety near water (in bathrooms and kitchens), and arc fault interrupt circuits for added safety from faulty appliances.

We can also upgrade or add to your home’s electrical wiring:

  • Removal of knob and tube wiring from the 1940s or earlier.
  • Adding grounding to homes from the 60’s or older.
  • Replacing aluminum wiring from the 70’s that can overheat when incorrectly connected to modern copper wiring or receptacles.
  • Supply and install smoke detectors and CO (carbon monoxide) detectors. CO detectors are now mandatory in your home by Ontario law if you have gas or oil heating.

If your home is over 40 years old, you may want to have us check that the wiring hasn’t degraded. We’ll bring your home up to code so you can sleep soundly knowing your home is safe.

Emergency Generator Systems

You can’t control when your power goes out, but you can control when your power comes back on.

Our emergency generators start automatically within seconds of a power failure. This is especially important in winter, when lack of heat can lead to plumbing freezing and bursting, and expensive water damage.

We have generators for many different power supply requirements, and we can even help you calculate what size of generator is best for your application. You can choose between just enough power to keep your furnace and sump pump working to a full home supply with every circuit powered to operate, or something in between. There’s no gas to pour, no lugging the generator out of the garage and running extension cords, no crazy kickstarting process and a lot less noise. Just stay relaxed in your comfortable chair and smile knowing that the momentary flicker of the lights is the generator ensuring you have the power you need.

Once the power outage has been restored your generator will put itself back in standby mode.


Lighting Design – Indoor and Outdoor

Better task lighting will make your kitchen both safer and easier place to work. ATEL can design lighting that is both beautiful and practical. We can renovate kitchens, bathrooms, basements, yard lights and even landscaping lighting. In fact, we can light up your entire home, inside and outside with automatic lighting for safety and protection.

LED Lighting

With the skyrocketing costs of electricity in Ontario it makes sense to switch to LED lighting. LEDs have come a long way and they offer great light quality and will save you a fortune. There are even dimmable options. Get in touch with us today and we can help you get started.


From bathroom spas to new additions to man caves and garage mahals, we wire it all. More importantly, we do it safely and to code. Let’s face it, if you’re not an electrician it’s better to let us handle the wiring for your new home renovation. We’ll work with you to do as much or as little of the project as you like.

You’ll find we can be a great help with:

  • Adding power outlets. If everyone in your family needs to use the kitchen appliances at the same time in the morning, we’ll make sure you’ve got the power.
  • Supplying power to new home additions.
  • Adding hidden wiring for audio and video in your home theatre or throughout your entire home.
  • Adding power for a new hot tub, sauna or for pool lighting and heaters.

Don’t be one of those DIYers who gets in over their head. Leave the electrical work to us so you can get back to the fun part of your renovation.


Security and Fire Alarms

If you’re concerned about security and safety, we can provide anything you need for your home, garage, and other outbuildings (indoors and outdoors). We can set up:

  • Motion detection alarms.
  • Security cameras – motion-activated or continuous.
  • Fire alarms.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.
  • Motion-activated lighting that will help you find your way around in the dark outdoors.
  • Systems that can be monitored from your mobile phone or tablet.

Whether you want to keep people and animals out or just see what’s going on, we can provide the right solution.

Landscape Wiring

We can turn your walkway and garden into a beautifully lit wonderland at night, and supply hidden power for water features or your pool. It’s your yard and the possibilities are endless.

We can also recommend the best lighting for your greenhouse, in terms of both energy efficiency and crop yield.


Electric Furnace and Baseboard Heaters

If electric furnaces and baseboard heating make more sense for your home, we’re one of the few heating experts in the area that will design a system that’s quiet, reliable and built to last.

Surge Detection Systems

You spent money on your nice television, sound system and appliances, so it make sense to keep them safe from power surges. Our systems will keep your electronic treasures safe.



Does your home have brownouts, flickers or mysterious outages? It’s not a poltergeist, we promise (at least we’ve never seen one yet). Most of the time the home’s power supply wasn’t built to handle the loads placed on it.

Our electricians will figure out how your home is wired and where the problem is coming from. We’ll recommend any safe options to you and let you decide what makes sense for your budget.

Electrical Maintenance

Some advanced systems do better with periodic inspections. We’ll give you a full report of what was checked and how, and what our recommendations are for perfect reliability.


Electrical Defects and Repairs

If you’re getting ready to sell your home and need it to be brought up to code, Arthur Thom Electric Limited will ensure your next safety inspection is clean as a whistle. Your real estate agent will be thrilled to be able to include a report like this in the listing details as it’s something buyers look for.

Even if you’re staying in your home, improvements to bring your home up to code will keep you and your family safer.

Electric Water Heaters

If you’re not near a natural gas supply line, electrical may make more sense for you. Tell us what you need to supply your family’s needs and we’ll recommend the right water heater.


Emergency Service Available

Even After Hours - Guaranteed Call Back Within 1 Hour

If you need emergency electrical assistance, we can help. Call our toll-free number any time, and we’ll call back within one hour.


Trust Arthur Thom Electric Limited for all of your Electrical Work

Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%

With ATEL you get incredible expertise, careful workmanship and a neighbourly approach.

We’ve been providing the best in electrical work for two generations, but we’ve got our eyes on the future. That’s because great new solutions are always been developed, and we’re ready to help you take advantage of anything that will be more convenient or save money, or both.

Ask for our expert advice for your home or business.

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