Water Heater Installation

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The Water Heater Installation Experts

ATEL Air is not like your typical water heater installation contractor. Because of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, it’s in our best interest to ensure you’re happy with your water heater long term.

It all starts with great products. We only recommend water heaters that have a proven track record with our customers – and in our own homes. It continues with expert advice: we’ll help you get the right water heater for your needs, whether you want a traditional tank or a tankless water heater. Then it all comes together with an organized, professional installation.

You’ll get a friendly, old-fashioned approach to customer service every step of the way. The result is a better experience and a hot water supply you can count on for years to come.

Eastern Ontario's most trusted name in home comfort.

"Just wanted to let you know that the installation of our replacement water heater was very well done. Your men were all courteous and professional. Not only that, but they were careful not to damage our carpets and walls and they cleaned up very well after they were finished.... I have always been happy with your service. Keep up the good work."

– Gerry Rosenquist, September 2017

Service That’s Second to None

With ATEL Air, you always get:

Complete Price Quotes.
All costs are provided in writing in advance.

No Sales Pressure.
Take the time you need to review the information.

Expert Technicians.
Fully licensed, friendly techs who love what they do.

Assurance of Trust.
Accredited with the HRAI, NCI, TSSA and more.

Easy Financing.
Low monthly payments help you get the right solution.

Guaranteed Results.
Our 100% satisfaction guarantee gives you peace of mind.

Here’s how we go farther so you get better results in the long term:

We recommend water heaters that are sized correctly for your family’s needs, and will provide enough heating power to achieve a good temperature even on the coldest winter day.

We use two people to carry in your water heater, not just one. This gives better control, and ensures we don’t damage your home.

We only recommend brands we know from experience work well for our customers. We’ve been installing John Wood water tanks for almost 50 years, and Rinnai tankless water heaters for over 10 years. We use the same brands that we have in our own homes.

We upgrade our skills whenever possible, especially since technology keeps changing. We take courses and have regular information sharing sessions.

Details matter. Things like advanced welding skills training ensure a quality installation.

Water Heater Brands We Trust

Navien water heaters logo

Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Not only does Navien offer some of the most energy efficient tankless water heaters available, they boast other great features too. For example their smaller gas line size makes them easier and less expensive to install when converting from a tank. They also have a timer that allows you to control when it’s on ‘standby’ with a few cups of water always kept warm for you. Learn more >

Rinnai tankless water heaters logo

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

Rinnai has impressed us with its performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. You can use all the hot water you need, no matter how many other people are in your family. Our customers have reported up to 40% savings on their energy bills when switching from a traditional tank. Learn more >

John Wood water heaters logo

John Wood Hot Water Tanks

If a hot water tank is a better fit for your budget, you can still get a tank with decent efficiency and corrosion resistant features. They’re known for both innovation and reliability – John Wood was the first tank to use a glass liner to prevent rust.

Which Water Heater is Right For Me?

Your ATEL Air consultant will meet with you, learn about your home, your family’s needs, and your budget. We’ll then recommend some solutions, and walk you through the benefits of each option.

rinnai tankless water heater

A Tankless Might Be Right For You If…

  • You’re always stuck with a cold shower because your family, your laundry, and your dishwasher keep using up all the hot water.
  • You’re away at work all day and/or your travel a lot. Why pay to heat water you’re not using?
  • You would love to free up some space in your basement.
  • Keeping monthly energy bills as low as possible is important to you.
  • Reducing emissions and helping the environment is important to you.

Tankless Water Heater Myths

Have you heard these tall tales about tankless water heaters?

Get the Facts >

A Hot Water Tank Might Be Right For You If…

  • You’re home all day a lot.
  • You’re selling your home in the near future.
  • You’re on a very tight budget, and need the lowest possible installation cost.
john wood gas hot water heater power vent
NTI boiler

Want In-Floor or Radiant Heating? We Can Help

We recommend a boiler for your in-floor heating and a separate water heater for your domestic hot water supply. We find they provide better results for our customers and last much longer than combi systems.

Installing Your Water Heater the Right Way

We believe in doing things the right way the first time. Our organized, efficient process means your hot water is back on as quickly as possible.

We explain the full installation process in advance. We also provide the names and photos of your installation technicians so you know who to expect.

We arrive when you expect us so you’re not left waiting and wondering. We’ll ensure we have everything we need to avoid delays.

We’ll protect your home with drop cloths and wear booties. Our customers often say that their homes are cleaner after we leave than they were before!

We haul away your old water heater, and recycle the materials in it as much as possible.

We explain how to control your new system once it’s installed. We also test it thoroughly to ensure everything’s working.

A few days after the installation, we call to make sure no questions have come up.

We encourage you to ask questions. We’ll explain anything you want to know without a lot of technical language.

Eastern Ontario’s most trusted name in home comfort.