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man-confused-by-air-conditionerPretend it’s a lovely, warm day in early June. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and your home is starting to get a tad warm. It’s time to turn on the air conditioner.

But nothing happens: there’s no cool air blowing through your vents. You start to feel a bit of panic creep up: what’s the problem? Why is my AC unit not turning on?

Have no fear: there’s still some time to figure this out, and we can help.

Clear, Clean, and Test It Early

Spring air conditioner maintenance is the key to catching any problems early. There are several things you have to do, including clearing away yard debris, removing the AC cover, and changing your furnace filter.

Before you turn on your air conditioner for the first time, follow this maintenance guide so that when you do test your air conditioner, you’re doing so safely.

Reasons Why Your AC Won’t Turn On

There are a few reasons an AC won’t turn on: some you can easily fix yourself, while some should be left up to a professional.

1. Your Thermostat is Set Incorrectly

This is the first thing you should check when troubleshooting your air conditioner issues – it’s the easiest, too.

Make sure your thermostat is switched to the ‘cool’ setting, and set approximately 5-6° cooler than your current indoor temperature so you can feel if it’s working. Remember, there are time delays and it may take a couple minutes for everything to get started.

Check the outside unit and you should see the fan spinning and hear a slight hum of the compressor. Check the larger copper tube where it enters the outdoor unit- it should be cold to the touch.

Go back inside and put your hand over the ‘supply air’ register: you should feel cool air blowing out. Once you have confirmed the air conditioner is running set the thermostat setting back to 72-74°F ( 22-23°C) and let it run. Adjust according to desired comfort level.

2. There Are Switches or Breakers in the Off Position

Sometimes it’s as simple as flipping a switch. Check to make sure the outdoor power switch is turned on. This is located in the shut-off box near the AC. You should also check the breaker in the panel box- it should be labelled and switched to ‘on’.

3. The Air Conditioner Motor is Broken

A broken air conditioner motor should be handled by us. You’ll know the motor may be broken if you have everything correctly set up, but there’s no movement from the fan. A service call will be required to test and verify the complete system.

When your AC needs repairs, we will always provide you with up front pricing. The service technician will list the recommendations and provide you with a written report and pricing options. You decide what you want repaired before we proceed.

In some cases we may recommend getting a replacement air conditioner instead, particularly if your air conditioner is over 10 years old and requires major work.

4. You Have a Refrigerant Leak

If there’s not enough refrigerant running through the condenser unit, the air can’t be cooled. In some cases, your air conditioner won’t turn on at all.

This is a job for the experts. We’ll do a thorough inspection to pinpoint the source of the leak, and advise you on options for repairs.

Get Your Air Conditioner Ready Before You Need It

Don’t be the person caught hot and sweaty in an early heatwave: prepare your air conditioner in advance, and catch this problem before it becomes a bigger, much more inconvenient one.

Every year, typically on the first day of the first heat wave, our phones are ringing steadily from customers looking to have their units serviced.

Get your system serviced and tuned up before the rush, and take advantage of the early discounts. Better yet, an air conditioner tune up will ensure your air conditioner doesn’t surprise you with a problem later on, and it’ll actually save you money on your cooling bills – not to mention increase the lifespan of your AC!

ATEL Air Will Keep You Cool All Summer Long

We don’t want anyone stewing in the summer heat. ATEL will help keep you cool all summer long with our maintenance services. And when you join our VIP program, you’ll not only get a special discount on your tune up: you’ll also get front-of-the-line privileges 7 days a week.

So don’t wait: make sure your AC turns on when you need it to by getting your free, no obligation quote from us today!

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