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Trane Rent To Own ProgramNow there’s a new option to pay for your Trane heating and cooling equipment: Trane’s Rent to Own program.

It’s as safe and simple as it sounds. Instead of purchasing your furnace or air conditioner up front, you can make easy monthly payments. It works the same way as leasing to own a car.

How Rent to Own Works

Instead of paying the purchase price upfront, you pay a rental fee once a month for the length of your term. Your payments will stay the same price the entire time, and at the end of the term, your fees are automatically stopped.

Best of all, you will own your furnace or air conditioner completely.

The Differences Between Trane’s Program and Door to Door Scams

There are some key differences between our Rent to Own program and the door to door scams you’ve heard so much about. The trick is knowing how to identify a scam:

  • The company comes to you uninvited. If they are contacting you out of the blue or literally knocking on your door without you having reached out to them first, this is a sure sign that the offer is a scam.
  • If the person uses scare tactics and aggressive language, like saying they are from the government or are there to do an inspection.
  • They don’t walk you through the contract and the service they are trying to get you to buy.

Door to door scams are a very real problem for Canadians, which is why we’re highlighting the differences between them and our new program.

The most important difference is that we will never pressure you to choose a furnace rental. Our program is designed as an alternative way for you to own your HVAC equipment, not scare you into getting something you don’t want and then overcharging you for it.

In fact, your monthly rate will stay the same for your entire term. You also have the option of paying it off early or transferring the payments to new homeowners with no penalties. You certainly won’t get that option from door to door scammers!

We’ll help you choose models that work for your home and your needs. We’ll also walk you through the contract and the installation so you know exactly what you’re getting. If you need time to think about your purchase, there is never any pressure to sign before you’re ready.

Find Out More About Our Rent to Own Program

If you are in need of a new furnace or air conditioner, but looking for an alternative purchasing plan, Trane’s Rent to Own program is for you.

You get ATEL’s high-quality service and expertise with Trane’s premier heating and cooling technology, and at the end of the term, you become the full owner. If that isn’t a win/win, we don’t know what is.

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