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Has Your Furnace Been Red Tagged?

No homeowner wants to learn that their furnace has been red-tagged. In addition to dealing with a cold home during the winter, you now face a large expense without the luxury of time to shop around for a good deal. It can be stressful and confusing too. After all, what exactly does it mean when a furnace is red-tagged?

What it Means When Your Furnace Has Been Red Tagged

Your furnace is a complex device comprised of sophisticated components. Occasionally, it may experience critical issues that require immediate attention so that it can continue to operate safely. Fortunately, it is also equipped with safety features to keep these situations from getting dangerous.

One of the more common and yes, serious, issues is a cracked heat exchanger. When this situation occurs, your furnace can spread deadly carbon monoxide gas throughout your home. A cracked heat exchanger allows air from the furnace’s blower to interfere with the flame, which then trips a safety switch and shuts the furnace down.

If during a service call a licensed HVAC technician determines that your furnace’s heat exchanger is cracked, the technician is required by law to red tag your furnace. Depending on the type of red tag issued, they may also notify the gas company or fuel supplier, which will turn off your gas if the furnace has not been repaired in the specified time frame.

In Ontario, a licensed technician certified by the TSSA is required by law to follow certain standards and regulations. When a gas-powered appliance is in unacceptable condition, the licensed technician is required to fill out a red tag and attach it to the furnace, necessitating the homeowner to act. The technician might also need to turn off the supply of gas leading to the appliance, rendering it inoperable. This applies to furnaces and other gas appliances such as water heaters or dryers.

What Should I Do if my Furnace Has Been Red Tagged?

Faced with a potentially large expense, some homeowners will seek out a second opinion from a certified local HVAC expert. A second opinion may determine that the problem is caused by something simpler; perhaps a malfunctioning component or even a loose seal.

An inspection by a licensed HVAC technician can diagnose issues and can recommend the best course of action. Should it turn out to be a simpler solution, it is possible to have the red tag removed, possibly saving you the trouble and expense of a new furnace.

When your home’s furnace has been red-tagged, it means that the furnace does not meet the legally required safety standards. During the winter months, your furnace is a critically necessary appliance, and the situation needs to be rectified immediately.

A broken furnace is often a surprise, arriving with little or no warning, and not everyone is prepared to pay for repairs or replacement. For this reason, it may be worthwhile to engage a second opinion, particularly if you feel that the company you are dealing with may be less than reputable.

If your furnace has been red-tagged, give Atel Air a call for a second opinion. We also offer quality equipment & services as well as flexible payment plans. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with dealing with an established, trustworthy company keeping your family safe and warm all winter long.