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Considering the family dynamic that ATEL Air is famous for, our lead technician installer, Matt Dillabough, fits right into that dynamic. His hard work and character are an extension of what ATEL Air stands for as an HVAC company.

Matt Dillabough

Back in 2016, Matt was sitting on his front porch with Jimmie, speaking on his potential future with the ATEL Air family. A conversation they’d spoken on in previous years but the timing wasn’t right. His conversation with Jimmie sparked the jump start to his promising and bright future with ATEL Air. Since then, Matt has proven himself a key member of the evergrowing ATEL Air family.

More Than An Installer

Matt is ATEL Air’s lead installation technician, providing customers with relevant knowledge and performing professional HVAC installs. He’s primarily an installer but also fills-in for service technicians during the busier seasons, especially when we’re receiving an abundance of calls.

Matt is always learning. His belief in providing customers with the best HVAC experience keeps him motivated and always consuming knowledge. At the moment, Matt is finishing up his refrigeration licensing, which will make him more educated on the in’s and out’s of air conditioning and refrigeration.

Soon, Matt will start attending classes for sheet metal training, extending his reservoir of HVAC knowledge. He also attends all product training done by various HVAC manufacturers on how to sell and service the products.

When it comes to the technical aspect of working at ATEL Air, Matt enjoys installing boilers and associated piping and controls.

We Keep Our Promises

Regarding the social aspect of working at ATEL Air, Matt loves the constant new job locations and the new people he meets. Since he’s rarely working at a job site twice, Matt is able to interact with all walks of life. While Matt shares his expertise and knowledge, many ATEL Air customers love to share their coffee with him, which doesn’t hurt either.

While embodying the ATEL Air family philosophy, Matt treats every customer with respect and honesty, which are both traits that Matt believes sets ATEL Air apart from the rest! Whatever is being sold or promised, ATEL Air delivers and then some! Matt believes that every aspect of the HVAC process is performed with excellence, from the initial call to our appreciation gift baskets.

At the completion of every install, Matt and all other ATEL Air installers strive to ensure each customer understands what to expect with their new equipment. From its new capabilities to how it’s used and properly maintained. Also, cleaning up after a job is a task that isn’t overlooked. Matt strives to leave his job as clean as it was before – or even cleaner!