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Brad Boivin Furnace TechnicianATEL Air is made up of people who are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. One of those people is Brad Boivin.

If You Need Help, It’s Brad to the Rescue

As a service technician, Brad is the one who will show up in your hour of need. “If something breaks down, I’m the one who fixes it,” he says.

During the heatwave of July 2018, Brad was very popular. “Houses get hot pretty quickly,” he says. “People were very happy to see me at their door.”

Helping people is one of the best parts of working at ATEL for Brad, whether he’s doing repairs, installations, or maintenance.

“I switched this one person’s house from electric heat to natural gas, and they were so incredibly grateful – they told me about how great it was, and how much they were saving!” Brad recalls. “That’s always nice!”

Always Keeping an Eye Out for Improvements

Now Brad is keeping busy performing preventative maintenance. “Once we experience extreme temperatures, people really want to avoid losing their air conditioner,” Brad explains.

The same thing happens every winter with furnaces as well. This is where Brad comes in.

“When I and the other technicians perform maintenance, we check everything thoroughly,” he says. “If we see something that could cause a problem down the road, we make recommendations to the homeowner.”

“Anytime I’m at someone’s house, I’m always looking for ways to improve the system. I make sure all the little things are covered to save homeowners headaches,” Brad adds. “ I think this really helps them.”

Customers Are Continuously Impressed with Brad and ATEL’s Professionalism

“So many people comment on our efficient work, how well we clean up after ourselves, and the quality of the installation,” Brad says.

Part of that professionalism is how Brad and the other members of the ATEL team treat the homes they enter.

“You should be comfortable in your house. It’s your refuge,” Brad says. “I treat it that way. For example, I put on boot covers at every appointment, and put down runners to protect the floors.”

A Team That Has Each Other’s Backs

One of the things Brad really loves about ATEL is how close-knit and supportive everyone is.

“I love the employees here. Everyone is friendly, willing to help you out, to do a little bit extra,” he says.

“I had one of the other technicians here take time out of his day to help get a part I didn’t have,” Brad shares. “Then I was able to make the repair for the homeowner. Together we made it happen.”

Years of Experience at a Company That’s Never Boring

Brad started part-time at ATEL Air in 2012, just after finishing school at Algonquin College. “My mother had worked with ATEL, and it had a very high reputation,” Brad says.

Now a full-time technician, Brad has no trouble choosing his favourite part of the job.

“The troubleshooting,” he says. “It’s different all the time, and you have to really think to get results. You job is never boring.”

Brad Never Stops Learning

“We’re constantly training,” Brad says. “As newer technology constantly evolves, we have to evolve with it so we can diagnose and fix problems for our homeowners.”

Every service call, appointment, or big project is a learning opportunity for Brad.

“I vividly remember when I started as a labourer, working on a school in Iroquois drilling concrete,” he recalls. “It was hard, but I learned a lot.”

All that knowledge is a big help when it comes to fixing problems for homeowners.

What About When He’s Not at Work?

Brad stays equally busy in his time off.

“I do a lot of fishing, and I’m a big fan of anything sports related,” he says.

Get to Know More of the ATEL Team

We can’t say enough good things about our team. You can get to know more of them by visiting our team page. We bet you’ll recognize some friendly faces!

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