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Sheet-metal-fitter-LarryThe ATEL team is one big family that works together to provide the best customer service and the best results. Our sheet metal technician Larry Toonders is one member of that family you should definitely get to know.

Larry Creates New and Efficient Ductwork for Homes

While Larry helps with installations from time to time, his main role at ATEL is as our sheet metal worker.

“I’m the one who creates ducts and fittings for homes getting a new heating or cooling system,” Larry explains. “I get the measurements for fittings, the size of the furnace and air conditioner, the size of the house, and any other specifications I may need. Then I create a plan to figure out how much ductwork I’ll actually need.”

Once Larry is done building in the fabrication shop, he’ll go out and help install the new ducts and fittings. “I make sure everything is in the proper place, delivering whisper- quiet air flow in every room of the home.”

It’s the Little Things That Make the Difference

Larry has a lot of stories from over the years about how just going that extra step can make a huge difference for someone.

“I recently was installing a heating recovery ventilator (HRV) for someone, and he was curious about exactly how it worked,” Larry shares. “I took him through it step by step, making sure to pause and answer questions. At the end, he thanked me for sharing my knowledge with him.”

This experience perfectly encapsulated what Larry likes the most about ATEL, the team, and our customers. “We’re responsive and clean, and most of all we do whatever we can to make someone happy.”

18 Years Spent with ATEL

Larry has been with us since 2001. “I was new to the industry back then. Jimmie asked if I wanted to be a sheet metal apprentice, and I thought that was something I would really enjoy,” Larry says.

He was right. From there, Larry completed the 5-year sheet metal apprenticeship, attending Algonquin for the classroom portion. Larry also has his gas fitter’s license and residential air conditioning mechanic license.

Larry Likes Being Hands-On

No matter how many years go by, Larry still loves sheet metal work. “I like being hands-on. I get to grab my tools and create something tangible that I can be proud of. That’s an amazing feel,” he says.

Often it will take weeks – or months – to complete a large project and reach that final result. “Besides homes, I’ve done some medical clinics and schools that take a longer period of time to complete. Every project is a little different, and it keeps every day exciting and new,” he says.

Outside the Office

When he’s not fabricating sheet metal, you’ll most likely find Larry outdoors. “I like hiking and canoeing, and in the past couple of years I’ve started tapping the trees in my yard and making maple syrup!”

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