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Pierre-service-technicianATEL is made up of people who dedicate every day to helping homeowners with heating and cooling while providing service above and beyond the ordinary. That includes Pier-Olivier Bonneville, our installation technician.

Pier Makes Homeowners Feel
Valued and Informed

Pier is an installation technician by title, but he also answers many service calls. Homeowners are happy to see him walk through the door. “I handle furnaces, other heating equipment, and I’m currently working on my refrigeration apprenticeship so I can do air conditioners.”

One service call really stood out for him.

“On Christmas Day in 2018, we got a call. An elderly woman with a visiting daughter and son-in-law had absolutely no heat. I went out and was able to safely turn the heat back on for the weekend, and we came back with the proper part to permanently fix the problem,” Pier says. “It felt really good knowing I put a little cheer back in their Christmas.”

Pier is continuously focused on people. “I like meeting new people, and I like showing them how I can help. They like that I take my time, explain my process, and make sure you never go without heat,” Pier explains. “That’s something the whole team at ATEL has in common.”

Our technicians are the ones being invited into homes throughout our service area, so we asked Pier: how does he make sure homeowners feel safe and confident?

“I talk to them the way I would talk to anybody: I keep it relaxed,” Pier says. “Then I invite them to follow me while I work, and go through the process of the installation or repair with me. I like answering questions and talking about my work.”

“ATEL is a long-standing company with a great reputation, so they already feel at ease when they work with us. I always let them know that if they need us, they can call us,” Pier says.

Pier is Doing Exactly What He Was Meant to Do

Pier has spent the past 4 years working in the HVAC industry, and knew from day one that it was the right path for him.

“My friend’s father owned an HVAC company. It interested me, so I decided to pursue a career in the industry,” Pier says.

He attended Fleming College in Ontario, and has been happy ever since. “I like what I do.”

On his first day at ATEL, Pier realized he had found the right home to keep doing what he loved. “It was a good day – it was so easy to just jump right in. It felt like home.”

In His Spare Time

In his spare time, Pier stays busy. When he’s not working on his family’s dairy farm, he likes to drive his ATV, go boating, and spend time with his friends.

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