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Tricia Parent Service CoordinatorA company is nothing without a dedicated team. At ATEL, our team goes above and beyond to provide you with the best possible service. That includes our service coordinator, Tricia Parent.

“I joined the team 5 months ago. I heard there was an opening for the service coordinator position, and I’ve always liked working in an office environment,” Tricia says. “So I sent in my resume. ATEL is a great local company, and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Tricia Does a Bit of Everything

As our service coordinator, Tricia is responsible for taking calls, organizing our technicians’ schedules, and looking after maintenance plans.

One of the things Tricia likes best is helping customers. “I give customers information on how much things will cost, and I help them figure out what service they need. For example, if they tell me they haven’t had any service done on their furnace in a while, they may just need a tune up.”

Tricia is having a lot of new experiences as part of ATEL, including continuous training as part of the Climate Care program. She’s expecting to have even more once the temperature drops.

“I haven’t been with ATEL for a winter yet, so that will definitely be a new experience,” Tricia says.

Being a newer member of the team doesn’t stop her from going above and beyond for our customers. “I’ll always take the time to find answers, even if I don’t know them right away. Often I’ll get the answer from someone on the team. That’s what’s so great about ATEL- we’re always helping each other.”

It’s All About the People

meet-the-atel-team-triciaFor Tricia, who has over 10 years of experience in customer service environments, it’s hard to pick a favourite part of the job.

“I like it all, because the days is always mixed up. It’s the same stuff, but with different people. I won’t spend a whole day doing data entry. I’m answering phones, making schedules, solving problems. I’m always doing something different,” Tricia explains.

If she had to pick a favourite part of the job, it would be a toss-up between the customers and the ATEL team.

“I like helping customers, and I like the people I work with, which is important,” Tricia laughs. “I went to school with a lot of the technicians here, so it’s nice seeing and working with familiar, friendly faces.”

Providing Quality Service

Tricia has learned a lot about what customers like about ATEL.

“Customers are surprised at how efficiently we respond to them. That’s something we’re proud of here. Everything is right away; we’ll schedule your appointment right away, we’ll order a part right away, and we’ll complete your service as soon as possible,” Tricia explains.

“I get a lot of calls complimenting our technicians too. People like that they take the time to explain what they’re doing, that they don’t try to fix something that doesn’t need to be fixed, and that they’re respectful of the home they’re in,” she adds. “It makes me feel good.”

Tricia believes this is how ATEL goes above and beyond for its customers. “We put in quality facetime. We explain, ‘this is what’s wrong, this is what it’ll cost.’ We’re not going to steamroll you; we’re going to treat you fairly.”

When you call ATEL, Tricia is the one that will help you get the service you need.