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HVAC Maintenance Tips

Your home’s HVAC system works especially hard throughout the summer and the winter seasons. In between, it gets a bit of a break, making right now the perfect time to perform some seasonal HVAC maintenance. A little TLC will go a long way to ensuring your system performs at its best when you really need it to.

Why HVAC Maintenance is Important

Regular HVAC maintenance can help your system to perform at its best. From lowering your energy consumption and bills, to avoiding the need to replace a broken furnace this January, HVAC maintenance should be a priority in every home. Here are our top tips for maintaining your HVAC system this fall:

Change the Filter

Changing its filter is one of the easiest and most important things you can do for your HVAC system. This is a task that should be performed four times each year, although in some situations it should be done more frequently. All filters get dirty, and this affects the efficiency of your system as well as your indoor air quality. Because a dirty filter causes both your furnace and air conditioner to work harder, this has a direct impact on their lifespan, energy costs and the quality of the air you breathe. Changing your filter also removes dust and pollen particles from your HVAC system, reducing asthma and allergy triggers and symptoms.

Vacuum Out Your Home’s Cold Air Returns & Registers

Anything sucked into your home’s HVAC system through the cold air returns will either be recirculated throughout your home, clog up your system or cause your filters to become dirty faster. From dust and mould to pet hair and dander, it all gets distributed throughout your home over and over again. An easy fix is to remove your cold air return and register covers and give them a quick vacuum each season. Your HVAC system will thank you, and you’ll breathe easier too.

Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Just like your cold air returns and vents, having your ducts cleaned can remove dust and other unwanted particles from your HVAC system. This results in a lighter load for your system and improved indoor air quality. Ask your professional HVAC company if this is a service they offer, or for a recommendation to find a reputable duct cleaning company.

Schedule an HVAC System Inspection and Tune-Up

Scheduling an HVAC system inspection and tune-up by a licensed heating and cooling company is the best way to prevent your system from breaking down this winter. A technician will check everything over and make any necessary adjustments, ensuring it can perform at its best when you need it to. Not only is an annual inspection a good idea, but it might be a required condition of your HVAC system’s warranty coverage.

Seal Up Drafts Around Your Home

Cold air can easily enter your home if doors or windows are not tightly sealed. This results in higher energy costs as your furnace needs to work harder and longer than it should. During the summer, the same is true for hot air and humidity, sending your energy dollars right out the window. This fall, ensure that windows, doors and any other place where cold air can get in are sealed up tightly. Identify trouble spots, and use caulk or weather stripping wherever appropriate. Make certain there is a good seal around your garage door, crawl spaces and anywhere else you detect a draft too. This inexpensive fix will be time well invested.

This fall, spending a few hours performing routine maintenance of your home’s HVAC system will pay dividends for years to come. You’ll extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling system, reduce energy consumption, and lower your energy bills all year round.