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When it comes to determining how long your furnace will last, there are a variety of factors that need to be taken into consideration. The brand and quality of the furnace’s installation can play a huge role in how long it will last. As the homeowner, you can also help increase the life of your furnace by regularly scheduling maintenance and inspections by certified professionals. If you’re in need of furnace repair or replacement in Eastern Ontario, don’t hesitate to reach out to Atel Air for assistance.



How Long Does the Typical Gas Furnace Last?

Typically, the average lifespan of a gas furnace is between 15 and 20 years. This can be extended, however, if proper care is taken of it. If your furnace is over 15 years old, it may be time to start looking into replacement options to avoid a complete system failure and being left without heat.

Factors That Can Affect a Furnace’s Lifespan

The following elements can influence the longevity of your furnace:

The Age of the Furnace

The newer the furnace, the longer it is likely to last. With advancements in technology, new furnaces are now built with features that help safeguard the components and increase their efficiency. It’s best to consider replacing your furnace if it is over 10 to 15 years old.

Furnace Installation

Having your furnace installed correctly is key in determining its efficiency, energy usage, and overall lifespan. Improper installation can cause the furnace to work harder, resulting in higher energy costs, faster component wear and tear, and breakdowns. Be sure to have a qualified, certified heating and cooling contractor handle the installation of any new furnace.

Furnace Upkeep

Having regular maintenance performed on your furnace can significantly improve its lifespan. We suggest having maintenance performed annually to reduce the chances of a malfunction or poor operation, which can speed up the wearing down of components. Also, be sure to regularly change your furnace filters to prevent overheating and extra strain on the furnace. Pro Tip: Many furnace warranties require an annual maintenance appointment to remain in effect.

Is It Time to Replace Your Furnace?

When it comes to deciding if you should replace your furnace, you should consult a professional. If you’re the owner of an older furnace, replacing it with a newer, more energy-efficient one could save you a considerable amount of money. So, for those who have furnaces that are over 15 years old, upgrading to a newer system may be the better option.

With a broad array of government incentives available, now is the perfect time to make the switch to a new furnace. This environmentally conscious decision will not only bring improved comfort and efficiency in the winter but will also lead to a decrease in energy costs over the long term. Plus, with today’s wide range of available high-efficiency models, you can expect to keep your home warmer while consuming less energy. Invest in the future of your home and upgrade your furnace today for better air quality and lower energy bills.

To ensure that your furnace has a longer lifespan, be sure to contact Atel Air to schedule a furnace tune-up or to get advice from one of our experienced technicians. We have the expertise to assist you with your needs. Get in touch with us today and set up an appointment!