100% Satisfaction Guarantee


The ATEL Air Installation Guarantee

We guarantee that your new heating or cooling equipment will perform as per the manufacturer specifications. We will review these with you during our consultation so you can make the right decision for your needs and budget.

  • If your equipment does not work as designed, we will come back and fix it for free within 1 year from date of installation.
  • If the unit is still not performing up to manufacturer specifications, we will replace any faulty parts for free or even replace the system with a comparable one for free.

We pledge that your new equipment will deliver the following heating or cooling performance:

  • Cooling systems will give you an indoor temperature of 23°C or better even on a 32°C summer day.
  • Heating systems will provide at least 22°C indoor temperature on a -35°C winter day.

Our Quality Installation Guarantee

We guarantee to design, size and install the proper equipment for your home or business. The equipment will be installed as per all current codes and requirements of the day. A complete start up and run test will record the performance data, and the numbers will be recorded with the equipment paperwork on registration for warranty.

Our Quality Products Guarantee

ATEL Air will only recommend brands we know from experience provide excellent equipment and after sales support.

These brands include: Trane, Ameristar, Nordic,  Mitsubishi, Lifebreath, John Wood, Rinnai, Trinity,  White Rodgers, EcoBee, and Square D.

Unfortunately some things are beyond our control, and are NOT covered by the guarantee.

  1. Electricity, natural gas or other power source costs may rise. This is why we can guarantee efficiency of performance but not exact energy savings in dollars.
  2. Your home builder may have used poor building practices and you may still get poor airflow or hot and cold areas.
  3. Occasionally manufacturers may be delayed in getting parts we need.
  4. Product failure beyond our control.

Our Repair Guarantee

We guarantee our repairs for a full 2 years. If the same part fails again within that time, we will come back and fix it again for free. Ask us for details.

Our Customer Respect Guarantee

We promise to treat you the way we would want to be treated ourselves:

  1. We will arrive on time.
  2. We will be clean and presentable in appearance with a neat ATEL Air uniform.
  3. We will drive a clean, fully stocked truck with the ATEL Air logo.
  4. We will treat your home with care, and clean up after the completion of the work.
  5. We will only send polite licensed journeymen technicians.

Walking the Walk

My father, Arthur Thom, started ATEL in 1949. I grew up helping him in the field, holding flashlights and passing tools. Since then I’ve earned a long list of technical degrees and certifications, but one of the most important lessons of all was the first one I learned from my Dad: treat your customers right.

I know we have a great team and we work hard to live up to our guarantee every day. As a result we get great reviews from our customers. But if you ever feel we have not lived up to our promise, I invite you to let me know. I will do everything I can to make things right.


Jimmie Thom,

ATEL Air Owner and Chief Technician