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With the cost of energy these days, and the carbon tax on top of it all, people throughout eastern Ontario are seeking relief. While some engage in smarter energy usage habits, others ignore physical comfort altogether and avoid turning on the AC. Sure, you can get away with that now, but in August? We’ve got a few ideas to help you keep your home cool, comfortable and humidity-free without your electricity bill shooting through the roof.

For three generations, Atel Air’s heating and cooling experts have worked with furnaces, ventilation, and air conditioning. We’ve served our friends and neighbours throughout Kemptville, Williamsburg, Cornwall and the rest of eastern Ontario since 1949. Nearly 75 years of experience have taught us a trick or two about keeping your energy costs low during our hot and humid summer months.

Caulking – All that expensive cooled air can fly right out your windows if they are not adequately sealed. Expanding and contracting, the seals around your windows can crack over time. By recaulking the seals, less air will escape, wasting less energy.

Keep the Windows Closed During the Day – Eastern Ontario experiences a great deal of humidity. A humid climate means moist air which can absorb and retain heat. This moist air containing water vapour is harder to warm up or cool down due to how water molecules transfer heat. Humidity means your HVAC system needs to work harder, meaning high air conditioning energy bills. By keeping your home’s windows closed, your system will have an easier time maintaining a steady temperature.

Use Ceiling Fans– While ceiling fans are limited in their cooling ability, they can help circulate the air-conditioned air in your home more effectively. Set your fan to spin counterclockwise during the warmer months, which will push cool air down and create a cool breeze, keeping you more comfortable.

Put Your Blinds to Work For You – Glass does not conduct heat well, but it does allow sunlight through, which the interior of your home absorbs. By closing your blinds during the day, you’ll help prevent some of the sun’s heat from entering your home. At night, open your blinds to let your home’s heat exit your home through the windows.

Smart Thermostats – Smart thermostats can give your HVAC system (and your energy bills) a break when the home is empty. These useful devices can be programmed to cool the house on a schedule, which can be programmed. Some of the more innovative devices will learn your habits and adjust accordingly, or even sense that you are on your way home via a smartphone app and pre-chill the home in time for your arrival. Money well spent.

Well-Maintained Equipment – Well-maintained HVAC equipment simply runs better. This means your system doesn’t need to work so hard to maintain a comfortable temperature, saving you money. It will also extend the lifespan of your equipment, helping you delay investing in a new air conditioning unit or furnace.

Government Rebates – For those struggling to make ends meet, the Ontario Energy Board has a program for lower-income households to help with the high cost of electricity bills. It’s easy to apply, and your rebates will appear on your monthly bills. Visit the OESP website to learn more.

Small efforts add up over time, saving you money. The above tips and tricks can help preserve the air-conditioned air in your home with minimal effort. Improving air circulation and preventing cool air from escaping your home are simple ways to save on your energy costs.

Your cooling system will benefit from regular maintenance to prolong its life and keep your cooling bills as low as possible. You’ll use less energy and save more money. An HVAC maintenance appointment will keep your system running like new for years. If you’d like to schedule an air conditioning tune-up, reach out to Atel Air for expert, knowledgable service and advice, and lower your cooling bills this summer.