Air Conditioning

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    Why is My Air Conditioning Running All The Time?

    Don’t let your Air Conditioner run all the time. Your system will wear out quicker and cost you an arm and a leg in electricity bills. Read on for 6 of the most common reasons for your AC to be running 24/7.

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    Why is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

    Is your air conditioner making a loud noise? A suddenly noisy air conditioner is a sign that something is wrong. Make sure to check out our money saving tips on how to fix and prevent a noisy air conditioner.

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    Why is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

    Is your air conditioner freezing up? That’s definitely a problem: but how do you find out the cause? Here are 4 reasons it could be happening, and how to fix it.

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    Why Is My AC Outside Unit Not Turning On?

    You don’t want to be left wondering why your AC won’t turn on when the temperatures start to rise. Beat the heat (and the problems) by learning more about AC problems and how to fix them.

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    The Heat is Coming. Will Your AC Be Ready?

    Too many people find they turn their air conditioner on only to find out it doesn’t work! Don’t wait for the heat to get your AC tuned up.

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    Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Air Conditioning – Rebates Changing July 1

    If you’ve been thinking of upgrading to a more efficient air conditioner to save on electricity, you may want to book now. The OPA rebates are changing.

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    8 Easy Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance Steps You Can Do

    While a professional should look after key systems, there’s a lot you can do to help your air conditioner use less electricity and save money.

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    How to Get the Right Air Conditioner

    If you want to ensure you get great results from your new central air conditioner, check out this post. We talk about all the factors that go into making the right selection so you’re happy with your air conditioner for many years to come.

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    Air Conditioning FAQ

    Our customers have a lot of questions about air conditioning. They often ask us how long they last, if they should replace or repair, and even how they can use their air conditioning more wisely so they save on energy. Find answers to these frequently asked questions and more from expert heating and cooling system designer Jimmy Thom.



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