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It may not feel like it yet, but summer is right around the corner. It means you’ll soon be constantly running your air conditioner to ward off the scorching heat and miserable humidity. However, with energy costs rising, you might also be trying various tips and tricks to reduce your hydro bills. Did you know that many popular beliefs about AC usage are costing you more money than you expected?

Check out this list of air conditioning myths and avoid burning a hole in your pocket:

Air Conditioning Myth #1: Bigger AC Units for Better Results
Whether you’re buying a window shaker or a central air unit, the idea “bigger is better” doesn’t work when buying air conditioners. So ignore it! If you don’t install an accurately sized AC conditioner based on the square footage of your room or home, it will fail to meet your basic cooling needs.

Using an oversized AC will cause the compressor to stop & start, burning it out and shortening its lifespan. Eventually, your HVAC system will lose its cooling potential and require more energy to work. You’ll not only be forking out for a new unit sooner, but paying more every day you run it.

Myth #2: No Need to Replace Air Filters Regularly
Air filters collect dirt and dust that leads to clogging and poor airflow. If you don’t change or clean your filter frequently, your air conditioning unit will begin working inefficiently. To ensure maximum efficiency, replace air filters every three months; or more often if you have pets in the home. This easy and affordable replacement task will help you save money on utility bills every month.

Myth #3: Switching On Fans For More Cooling
Using fans with an air conditioner does not affect the temperature of your room. Instead, this technique only makes you feel cooler as the moving air passes you. Fans cool down people, not rooms.

Myth #4: Keep Vents Closed in Used Rooms
When you close vents in unused rooms, it builds up pressure in the ducts. This causes your HVAC system to run harder than it needs to cool the house due to unbalanced air distribution.

Myth #5: You Can Catch a Cold From Air Conditioning
Stop blaming your air conditioning system for catching a cold. Bacteria and viruses are the only true causes of your illness. Air conditioning CAN exacerbate your allergies, however, circulating dander, pollen and other irritants around your home. Changing your filter more frequently can help mitigate this issue.

Myth #6: Turn Off The AC While Leaving The House
No doubt, turning off electronic devices reduces energy consumption. But you can’t treat your air conditioner system like other appliances at home. When you frequently switch the AC on and off, it needs to run at full capacity for longer hours to cool down the entire space once again.

A better alternative is to use a programmable thermostat. It will allow you to increase the temperature by several degrees when you leave the house and adjust it to a more comfortable level before returning. This technique will not just save energy but also manage your home’s humidity level.

Myth #7: Regular AC Maintenance is Unnecessary
Avoiding AC upkeep to save some a few dollars will eventually cost you more in the long run. Regular HVAC maintenance, including your air conditioner, will keep your system running smoother and for longer. You should also remember that skipping annual maintenance may void your system’s warranty.

If you’ve believed any of these myths, it’s time to change your mind. Change your filter and schedule a maintenance appointment with Atel Air. You’ll save on monthly utility bills and extend the lifespan of your air conditioning unit.