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Nick Otto Furnace TechnicianAt ATEL Air, we’re proud of our team. Their years of experience, consistent training, and warm personalities enable them to continuously provide the best customer experience possible.

Our service technician Nick Otto is one of those people who firmly believes in providing the very best experience to everyone.

Nick is Always There to Lend a Hand

For Nick, the real reward in this job is being such a big help to people who really need it. “I’d work for praise!” Nick jokes. “It’s an amazing feeling when people are this happy to see you.”

Nick certainly got a lot of good vibes and happy customers during the heatwave of July 2018.

“During the heatwave, I was on call and very busy. I was stamping out fires all over the place,” Nick says. “The customers were beaming with joy when I walked in, and so happy to have their air conditioning again.”

Already Nick has had a lot of great customer experiences where he was able to make a real difference for someone. “I had a really memorable experience with a homeowner who just had some debris in their blower – an easy fix! But while I was there, I noticed the drain on the air conditioner was leaking. I fixed it for them, and explained what I was doing while I was doing it. I also let them know about filters and how important they are. The homeowner was really pleased I took my time and offered them solutions.”

In fact, it’s like that a lot when Nick’s around. That’s because he lives by the ATEL rule – customers first.

“We make sure we have as many parts as possible so we can make the repairs right there,” Nick says. “I never want anyone to have to wait too long for results.”

It’s the Little Extras That Make the Difference

Nick is a big believer in doing a little bit extra for customers because he knows how nice a small gesture can be. “If I pull up and the homeowner’s empty garbage bins are at the end of the drive, I’ll bring them up. Or if it snowed, I’ll shovel a walkway,” Nick explains.

Whatever the problem is, Nick does what he can to keep the customer in the loop and well-informed. “I do my best to explain how systems work while they’re running, and answer the questions they have,” he explains.

Sometimes that involves taking more and time and listening to the customer – something Nick loves.

“I love meeting and interacting with new people. When I meet new people, I get to connect with them and make new friends,” Nick adds. That makes the role of service technician the perfect fit for him.

“We’re An Example to Other Companies”

Nick loves driving around each day on his service calls. “There’s a lot of village pride. Everybody knows the van. It’s great to have a good reputation in town.”

That reputation comes from the amazing work all of our team members do, and our commitment to quality across the board.

“Our workmanship and attention to professionalism is the most notable attribute of ATEL,” Nick says. “We’re the benchmark for customer service.”

It’s what makes us stand out from other companies. “Some companies look good, but then the workers just want to make money and go home,” Nick explains. “I don’t leave right away: I listen to customers, their stories, their questions. I give them my full attention,” he adds.

Finally – a Place Nick Can Call Home

Nick actually started his 25-year career right here at ATEL as an intern.

“My father-in-law was a refrigeration tech, and I wanted try it because of the variety,” Nick says of the industry. “You’re just doing it all.”

Nick’s worked in many places over the years: most recently with a commercial heating and cooling company. But it just wasn’t the right fit.

“I’m a people person, and when I wasn’t working with people I wasn’t happy. It didn’t give me the fulfillment I wanted,” Nick explains.

So he decided to come full circle and work with ATEL Air once again. “I really didn’t know what I was missing out on until I got here,” Nick remarks. “This place is so organized and so friendly. Watching these people work together, and pull you up with them, is impressive.”

The friendly team and constant learning is exactly what Nick needed. “I’m part of a team that supports each other. It’s like a family, and it’s perfect for me. They made it feel like I’d always been working here,” Nick says.

As part of the transition from commercial to residential heating and cooling, Nick is learning a lot about new technology.

“Technology has changed a lot since I did residential, and it requires training. I’m always looking for more information,” he says. “Everyone is helping me out a lot. For example, I’ve never seen so many ground-source heat pumps in my life! They’re still fairly new to me, but our service manager Greg has been a wealth of knowledge.”

Nick is a quick learner. “It’s a fast-paced environment, but I’m going to bed smarter every night, and the team is teaching me new things every day,” he says.

In His Spare Time

Nick isn’t always in the ATEL van. Outside of work, he keeps just as busy.

“I have four kids, and I spend as much time with them as possible. We love playing board games together,” he says.

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