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Greg Millard service managerATEL is made up of people who care about people, and want to provide the best service, products, and experience possible. That includes Greg Millard, our professional technician turned service manager.

The Services Manager Who Manages Almost Everything

Greg has transitioned from installations and repairs to being our service manager. “Greg has always been fantastic with our customers, and when we needed the role of service manager filled, he was a natural choice,” explains ATEL’s owner Jimmie Thom. “I know I don’t have to worry about customer service quality with Greg, because he believes in it just as firmly as I do.”

“Service manager is a very broad description,” Greg laughs. “I do all the purchasing and inventory, I handle the commissioning of new systems, I work with customer inquiries, help with problem-solving, and I even jump on a service call every once in a while.”

Customers Are Happy and Confident in ATEL Because We Keep Our Word

ATEL-service-manager-GregGreg has had many positive customer experiences – in fact, ATEL has a book of the positive feedback we receive. Greg is proud to be a part of filling that book. “It’s nice that in a small town, when you get to know someone by coming into their home and helping them, and then see them outside of work, they smile at you and you know you made a positive impact on them.”

Greg believes that much of that positivity has to do with how ATEL treats its customers. “We’re prompt with calls and appointments. There are so many horror stories of companies not returning calls and missing appointments. And when they do show up, they’ll walk away without having fixed everything.”

“ATEL is not like that,” Greg continues. “Not only will we show up, but we won’t walk away if we can’t immediately find the problem. We’ll keep looking. And we’ll look after every possible problem while we’re there: nothing gets swept under the rug, fingers crossed it won’t come back up.”

For Greg, it’s the little things like taking care of customers and of each other that makes ATEL stand out from the crowd.

Over 16 Years as Part of the ATEL Family

When he was a technician, Greg worked on hundreds of projects.

You could say Greg is something of an expert on ATEL. “I started as a high school co-op student in 2000, back when ATEL was still called Arthur Thom Electric,” Greg remembers. “From there, I did the 2 year HVAC program at Algonquin College and started at ATEL full time in 2002 while doing my refrigeration apprenticeship”

It was 16 years ago, but Greg still remembers how he felt on his first day with us. “I was nervous and excited and very green.”

Always Something New on the Job

Even after 16 years, Greg’s favourite part of ATEL is the diversity in the projects. “I like the different challenges we face, and finding a solution for our customers,” he explains. “I also like that a lot of days, there’s something new.”

The Upper Canada Village Project

One of Greg’s favourite ‘something new’ experiences happened at the Upper Canada Village. It was a big HVAC upgrade project, nothing like Greg had ever done before. “I was lead, and it was one of my last jobs as a service technician,” he recalls.

Upper Canada Village wanted to reduce their high energy costs and their carbon footprint. ATEL came up with a solution for them. “We installed 9 geothermal heat pumps with approximately 30,000 feet of ground looping. We also installed 8 heat pumps throughout the village.”

“All of this took about 8 weeks,” Greg recalls. “It was muddy, but completely worth it: they were so happy when we were done.”

Outside the Office

Greg stays just as busy in his spare time as he does at work. “I have a 2 year old son who keeps me active. I also play hockey, golf and enjoy skiing.”

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