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There are plenty of national heating and cooling companies in Canada, but you shouldn’t overlook the smaller, independent ones in your area. Here are a few great reasons to support local HVAC companies.

We’re Your Friends & Neighbours

First and foremost, local businesses like ours employ your friends and neighbours. When you choose to work with local HVAC contractors like ATEL Air, you’re keeping your community employed and putting money back into your local economy.

Local Economic Stimulus

Small businesses are often committed to buying local as well, supporting organizations and charities, and paying taxes that help keep the area running. More money is kept in the community, helping to grow other local businesses as well as the region’s tax base.

Local Expertise

One advantage of choosing a local company is that they’ll have a deeper understanding of the area. Your HVAC technician will be familiar with the climate, energy costs, and which fuel sources are most common in the region and which options, whether gas, propane, or electric, are the better move for you. This knowledge means that they’ll be better equipped to answer your questions and provide the best recommendations for your specific needs.

Better Service

You’ll also enjoy a higher level of service with a local provider. Unlike larger corporations that may see you as just another account, small businesses rely heavily on customer satisfaction to build their reputation and attract new clients. At Atel Air, we prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else. We don’t see you as just an account number, and our reputation matters to us. As a small business, our survival depends on having satisfied customers, and we hold ourselves accountable to that.

Competitive Pricing

Another benefit of working with a local HVAC company is the potential for lower prices. They may have closer relationships with their suppliers, which can lead to better deals that get passed on to you. Moreover, local HVAC firms often offer competitive prices because they don’t need to factor in overheads for expensive ad campaigns or contribute money to the giant corporation’s head office overseas.

Here for the Long Haul

Local companies stick around. ATEL Air has served our community since 1949. When it comes to investing in home comfort appliances like furnaces and air conditioning, you want a company that will be there when you need them, and to honour your warranty. Large chains and franchises will often set up shop in new communities but exit them just as quickly if they decide the region isn’t profitable enough. Homegrown businesses stick around, sometimes for generations.

Get Taken Care of Faster

Last but not least, working with a local HVAC company can often lead to faster response times. Smaller companies have fewer staff and may be more nimble, meaning they can get to you quicker in an emergency.

Before you call up the big guys, consider giving a local HVAC company a chance. You may be surprised at the level of service, expertise, and affordability they can offer.

While there are certainly many national giant HVAC companies, a local provider may be the better option. You get a sense of community by supporting local businesses while benefiting from local knowledge, better pricing, and excellent customer service. Consider giving your business to a small, independent company for a win-win outcome.