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Oh SNAP: No Financing Payments for 3 Months!

Only until August 31, 2019

For a limited time, SNAP financing is offering a 3-month deferral on financing payments. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy a new air conditioner this summer, and not pay until the fall!

SNAP offers easy, affordable financing so you can get the home system you want exactly when you need it.

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Get a FREE Smartphone Monitoring Kit with the Purchase of a Home Generator

Call NOW – This Offer Ends August 31, 2019

For a limited time only, get a FREE smartphone monitoring kit with the purchase of any home generator from ATEL Air.

We carry a wide range of generators from Cummins to meet your power supply needs. From smaller power outputs for the bare essentials to enough power for an entire building or business we can provide what you need.

Best of all there’s no need to carry gas cans as these generators are connected to clean and efficient natural gas or propane. Never fight with cranky ignition systems – our generators come on automatically when needed, and shut down automatically when the grid is back up.

We can provide financing with low monthly payments starting at $90.00 a month so you can buy the system you need, and never have to risk damage from flooded basements, spoiled food, or stuffy overheated nights in the dark.

Ask about the options from your friendly ATEL Air representative.

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Union Gas Home Reno Rebate Program

Does your home use natural gas as its main heating source? You could qualify for the Union Gas Home Reno Rebate Program!

You can qualify for as much as $2,500 in rebates when you make two qualifying upgrades to things like your insulation, windows, and home heating system.

ATEL Air can help you with the following upgrades:

  • Furnaces/boilers – up to $750 in rebates
  • Water heaters – both hot water tanks and tankless water heaters – $200 in rebates

If you’re ready to upgrade and save at the same time, get in touch with us today!

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  • Sorry, but any homes heated with oil, propane, wood, or electricity cannot participate in the HRR program.
  • Homeowners converting to natural gas cannot participate in the HRR program.
  • Homes must be lived in/owned and located in the Union Gas franchise area. Homes can be detached, semi-detached, town houses, or mobile homes.
  • Must complete at least two of the eligible renovations.
  • Must complete a pre-renovation and post-renovation energy assessment.

Get Up to $5,000 Back from the Home Energy Conservation Program

Missed the Green Ontario rebates? Have no fear! Enbridge Gas has expanded their rebate program with more savings than ever before.

Get more back today so you can improve your home for the future.

Rebates from the Home Energy Conservation program include:

  • Air Source Heat Pump: $500. Homes with electrical heating only are eligible for up to $5,800 on air source heat pumps.
  • Central Air Conditioner: $600.
  • Heating system: Up to $1,000.
  • Water Heater: $500.

PLUS you can take advantage of additional incentives the more you upgrade. We can walk you through the full list of rebates available to you.

To be eligible for the program, you must do the following things:

  • Complete a pre-upgrade energy audit using a Registered Energy Advisor (REA).
  • Complete at least 2 upgrades using a qualified Enbridge contractor (like us).
  • Complete a post-upgrade energy audit using the same REA.

The cost of both audits totals $600+HST. Once both audits have been successfully completed, you’ll be reimbursed the $600 through you incentive cheque. The post-upgrade audit must take place within 120 days of your pre-upgrade audit. Your REA will submit your application, and you’ll receive your incentive cheque in 8-12 weeks.

It’s really that simple to save big! ATEL Air has a number of qualifying products, and a top-notch team to help you choose the right system for your home and your needs. All you have to do is ask.

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Ate Superior Content

Make the Switch and Get Superior Savings

Have you been thinking about switching to propane heat? Right now, Superior Propane has some great specials!

When you switch from oil, wood, or electric, you’ll get:

  • FREE installation
  • $78 tank rental
  • 1000L credit applied to your Superior Propane account
  • .54L Floating PPL today or .639L Fixed
  • No other fees!

Already on propane, but not with Superior? When you switch, you’ll get:

  • FREE installation
  • $78 tank rental
  • 50% off the 1st fill-up, up to 500L Free
  • .54L Floating PPL today
  • No other fees!

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Energy costs are rising at record rates. Your older heating and cooling system is the most expensive equipment in your home.

We at ATEL Air want to help you avoid system breakdowns and costly repairs by making it easier for you to save money and to meet your family’s heating and cooling needs.

Your investment in a new heating and cooling system can save you thousands of dollars on your utility bills and help alleviate the cost and worries of your older unit breaking down. When you purchase a new unit from ATEL Air you can have that peace of mind. Call us today for further details and to receive your free in-home estimate. You can reach us at (613) 535-2720.

The most comfortable homes have ATEL Air in them.

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